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England raised, New England engaged

The beating Mediterranean sun, golden beaches, rugged hiking trails, French wine, and fresh seafood. That was the idea. We’d celebrate a friend’s wedding in Toulouse then travel onto Corsica to enjoy a summer holiday…and our engagement. Unfortunately, all plans got postponed.

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mountains in the catskills new york
New York, NYC coronavirus lockdown, USA

An upstate retreat for some ‘normalcy’

  1. First day working remote
  2. We stay home and wait
  3. Stretching the legs & (some) social distancing
  4. Confirmation arrives, stocking up
  5. Finding routine in irregular times
  6. New challenges with the remote working
  7. Noticeable changes
  8. Finding a pattern
  9. COVID-19 Lock Down
  10. First week, check
  11. Weekend plans? You know stay away from people as much as possible.
  12. Game night as the pause begins
  13. Streets empty as everyone builds furniture and plays games
  14. Staying sane
  15. Keeping date night going
  16. Socializing remote
  17. Friday feeling? TGIF?
  18. House Parties not Street Parties
  19. Running in the rain
  20. Betting on unknowns
  21. Optimizing the lockdown life
  22. Community Support
  23. Virtual Social Closeness
  24. Friday night: Virtual Happy Hours & Games
  25. Four Weeks In
  26. Discovering the new exciting
  27. A Weekend Getaway in Quarantine
  28. Rain and games
  29. Looking for escapes
  30. Escape to the Country
  31. An upstate retreat for some ‘normalcy’
  32. Rediscovering New York as lockdown eases

We’ve been back three of weeks now, a weird few weeks. When we left the city as still firmly in lockdown, the streets were deserted, and we were getting groceries delivered and left outside our door. A lot of things changed while we were upstate: cases went down a lot, the state started reopening in certain areas, summer arrived and George Floyd was killed. I’ve already reflected a bit on that first week back with the protests, riots and curfew. My next post will be a chance to reflect more on what the city is like now we’re back but I’ll look back at our couple of weeks upstate here.

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South America

Cerveza in Cartagena

  1. Cerveza in Cartagena
  2. Cartagena: The Great Escape
Beers of Colombia, three of the BBC beers
Selection of Bogota Beer Company brews

Whenever I travel I try to taste the local brew and visiting breweries has almost become a go-to activity on travel. Had we been in Bogota when I discovered these Colombian beers from BBC (Bogota Beer Company), that would almost certainly have been added to the itinerary. As it was, a trip to Bogota was out of the question on this occasion, the beer was widely enough available though that I could get through most of the different brews during our time in Cartagena.

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Europe, Netherlands

Canals, Castles and Cycling

I Amsterdam sign

I Amsterdam Sign besides the Rijksmuseum

It feels a lot longer ago but back in April Danielle and I took a Euro trip to Amsterdam, Munich and Salzburg. Our plan was to pack light enough to rely on carry-ons, a plan proposed by the shoe addict. The only carry-on suitcase I had wasn’t going to be enough so I had acquired a new suitcase after some careful searching on the maximum dimensions for carry on. Sorted.

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36 hours-ish in Seattle

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum, though I never went in I liked the fact it had my name on the outside


I’m hitting the pause button on New York for one post to cover off my 3 trips to Seattle. The New York Times recently did a feature ‘36 hours in Seattle‘ (I’m still not sure how literal they take the 36 hours but the premise being a weekend trip). Luckily I’ve managed to have more than 36 hours but in keeping with the New York style, I will scribe my own set of alternative recommendations for anyone planning to spend “36 hours in Seattle” (in the summer)…

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