Asia, Everest Base Camp

Kathmandu Calling

  1. That little event
  2. Tea and trekking – first 96 hours
  3. Tomorrow Base Camp, then we head for the summit
  4. The final leg to Everest Base Camp
  5. Country Roads home from Base Camp
  6. Kathmandu Calling
  7. What I didn’t tell you about the hike to Everest Base Camp! (The Outtakes)

Mount Everest from near Lukla, our last view of the mountainI’ve been back in New York for about 19 days now, more or less the same time I spent in Nepal. I’ve more or less finished editing my 3,000+ photos and now here’s the final part documenting the journey back from Everest Base Camp. A couple of things to keep an eye out for in the next few weeks – the photos from the trip, the highlights and outtakes of the trip and a few words on the last couple of days we spent in Kathmandu exploring some of the cultural sights in the city itself.

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