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New Orleans from Muriels balcony

New Orleans: Swamps, Food, Booze and All That Jazz

  1. Exploring the Enchanting Swamps and Vibrant Music Scene of New Orleans
  2. New Orleans: Swamps, Food, Booze and All That Jazz

With all the focus on AI at the moment I thought it would be fun to try and get ChatGPT to write my New Orleans blogpost for me. It didn’t quite capture the trip but made a good effort. You can read the AI version by following this link, and my version below:

New Orleans has been on my bucket list for a long time, I think what initially started the wish to go there was seeing the film Chef. After I moved to New York in 2014 it was an analytics team outing to go and see the film. It’s become one of my favourite films, with the music, food, and comedy a perfect formula. As I heard more about New Orleans it cemented its place on my bucket list.

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Long weekend in Nashville – don’t think twice, just go

It was a chilly 40 degrees (just above freezing) in New York, winter coat, woolly hat and gloves weather. The good news: it was Presidents Day, a public holiday. More good news, we weren’t wearing coats either. In-fact, with iced coffee in hand, we were meandering our way to the start of a walking food tour. It was the last day of our three day long weekend escape to Nashville and it was beautiful and sunny.

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New York, USA

(Better than Buzzfeed) Top 5 gigs seen in New York by an Englishman

Live music in New YorkI mentioned in my last post how I saw 43 bands last year, obviously a record I want to beat this year. While so far I’m not off to the best of starts – we’re now at the end of February and I have yet to get my gig on, I have just acquired Bruce Springsteen tickets for his last New York date on his current River tour (note I have a spare if you’re interested!). A couple of weeks ago I also stumbled on another impressive busking performance, a group called ‘Cover Story’. So, with gigs top of mind at the moment it seems like a good time to do a post on my top gigs in New York so far.

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