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South America

Cartagena: The Great Escape

  1. Cerveza in Cartagena
  2. Cartagena: The Great Escape

All-inclusive beach resort or cultural city (with beach)? Danielle vs Sam. We wanted a mini New York getaway in the fall however the idea of what that getaway would be was less simple to decide. At somepoint the suggestion of Cartagena was raised, of recent blogging distinction (apparently) and growing in popularity. It offered sun, islands with beaches, a walled city with lots of history and culture to see. It ticked all the boxes, especially once we added in a boutique hotel with swimming pool.

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New York, USA

Weather warning issued for “monstrous storm”

Weather warning for blizzard junoIn true British style I’m interrupting this blog to talk about the weather. On January 26th, the New York mayor announced  this: “New York City could see up to 20 inches of snow Monday into Tuesday. This could be the biggest snowstorm in the history of this city. My message for New Yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have ever seen before.”


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