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Europe, Greece

Uncovering the local Athens

View of Athens city from Acropolis

How many days in Athens?” It was a question I’d asked Google, Trip Advisor and people I knew. The answers varied a lot. An expat said one or two days maximum, some of the internet suggested two to three days, others on forums said how much they love Athens and you could spend a week there. In terms of a unified opinion I wasn’t going to find one.

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The Aussie Tour: Starting With Art

“You’re from Australia?”, the question from the cashier in the bank was perhaps understandable, I was after all talking about a trip to Australia and trying to exchange some US dollars to Aussie currency. It’s actually a surprisingly common question. Apparently the Australian and British accents have very subtle differences to the American ear. Unfortunately for the cashier the answer wasn’t so simple, “Nah, I’m British, living here, travelling there (Australia)”, “Oh!” was the slightly embarrassed reply.

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