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Caribbean, North America

Quarantine in Paradise

14 days in the Caribbean sun? Or, 14 days in the bitterly cold New York winter? Could be a hard choice, or no choice at all. In more ways than one!

I’d just dropped Danielle off at Heathrow and was on the way home when I realised I had a missed call from Danielle. My first thought was, did Danielle leave her passport? Or, maybe the flight was delayed/cancelled? But then wouldn’t there be more panicked signs? Multiple missed calls, a text message? Maybe it was a butt/pocket dial.  

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North America

Mayans in Mexico

Chichen Itza, one of the modern seven wonders of he world

¡Bienvenidos a México! Welcome to Mexico! 

A few months ago I totted up my remaining vacation days for the year and found myself booking a trip to Central America. When on the Everest Base Camp hike a couple of years past we saw plenty of Intrepid groups so looking for a similar experience I ventured to their website. It was here I unearthed the Mayan Adventure which perfectly exhausted my remaining days (but luckily not me).

The trip would encompass three countries: Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, and as the name suggests, following the path of the Mayans.

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