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Montreal in Fall: 1 hour north, 100 years back and some stunning colours

Top of Mount Royal, looking out to Olympic Stadium

I compare it to when there’s something such as a restaurant/café so close to where you live you never go there – “It’ll always be here, could go anytime, let’s go there instead”. It’s been just over five years since I moved to New York, in that time I’ve visited 13 US states/districts and 10 countries. More than once I’d taken a journey totaling over 20 hours flying time.  What I had never done was fly one hour north and visit Canada.

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Europe, Greece

Uncovering the local Athens

View of Athens city from Acropolis

How many days in Athens?” It was a question I’d asked Google, Trip Advisor and people I knew. The answers varied a lot. An expat said one or two days maximum, some of the internet suggested two to three days, others on forums said how much they love Athens and you could spend a week there. In terms of a unified opinion I wasn’t going to find one.

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