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36 hours-ish in Seattle

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum, though I never went in I liked the fact it had my name on the outside


I’m hitting the pause button on New York for one post to cover off my 3 trips to Seattle. The New York Times recently did a feature ‘36 hours in Seattle‘ (I’m still not sure how literal they take the 36 hours but the premise being a weekend trip). Luckily I’ve managed to have more than 36 hours but in keeping with the New York style, I will scribe my own set of alternative recommendations for anyone planning to spend “36 hours in Seattle” (in the summer)…

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England, London

I can’t tell where the journey will end but I know where to start

A good place to start my second post will be to drop back to January where things really kicked off.

I had been aware of a potential opportunity in New York for a while thanks to Judy, my now manager in NY and ex-colleague from London, with her regular nudges about how great New York is. I had never taken the idea particularly seriously though – I loved London, enjoyed my job had a good bunch of friends etc.

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