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New York, USA

The waiting game

Boxes with all my shipment

Boxes with all my shipment

Just over a week ago I was unpacking over half a dozen boxes, it felt as I was just moving into my apartment for the first time. Obviously this was not true,  not least because I had no problems with keys and opening locks on this occasion. What I was unpacking was in fact all my stuff which didn’t make over with me when I first moved (considering I had two suitcases, a laptop and a badminton racket – this was a not an insignificant cubic feet worth of belongings). For those unfamiliar with this story and are currently double checking when I started this blog, yes it did indeed take a rather long time to arrive.

I will explain more about this here, although this wasn’t the only occasion where a little patience was required..

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England, London

New York? Let’s shake on it.

I arrived back in the UK on the 12th May, which meant there was just over a month left until my departure..pending my VISA. Enough time to fit in several leaving do’s and a few other things as well..

The day I landed I had agreed with a couple of lads from work to and watch Ledley King’s testionial (Spurs vs Spurs Legends) at White Hart Lane. I wasn’t sure at one point whether this was a good idea, I only had an hour or two nap when I landed before coming into work and hadn’t slept on the plane. However with the help of coffee I made it through and the match itself was good fun with all the players and referee taking it very light highted. Edgar Davids and Howard Webb were the highlights..

Aside from all this fun was the more laborious but, more important, VISA application. The company had a group of lawyers who deal with all the employee transfers between offices so there was plenty of paperwork that had to be done with them. As part of the VISA you have to prove you have skills/experience/knowledge which cannot be fulfilled by someone in the states. Then a description of your current duties and various other pieces of information. The process is definitely made easier by being a WPP employee, since the company certainly has processes in place for transferring employees. Still the paperwork was hefty..

Fedex visa packagepaper work

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