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Journey from London to New York

London to New York journey

Yesterday afternoon, 13.86 days since I had landed in JFK and after many suggestions and much encouragement (sorry fellow Analysts I can’t exactly quantify this) I registered what was to be my blog – www.notthatsamfox.com. Before I left London I was told by several people I should start a blog and it’s happened too since I’ve been in New York. Given the journey and challenges it took to get it here and the subsequent allied stories it seemed like a good idea to document this. To that note, this is at least the initial purpose of the blog; to share, record and recall some of the key moments  in moving from London to New York. If all goes to plan and I still have time and patience for writing after documenting the journey itself, I will continue to share  some of the stories post-arrival. Now the initial introductions are out of the way, this first post is also going to explain some of the expected and already asked questions.

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