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New York, USA

Mac’n’Cheese and apartment hunting

living room and kitchen of apartment

Moving in: my apartment

It seems a recurring theme – to start a post with an excuse about how busy it is that I haven’t had time to update this blog in a while. Truly though, this is not a meek pathetic clamour for an excuse to avoid updating the blog, I’m surprised myself at how busy my weeks have become. Still I will make an endeavour to update this again within the next week.

One of the biggest events to date in my time here has been finding the apartment in which I am writing this. True to that, this post will focus on apartment hunting in New York.

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New York, USA

Brooklyn, bagels and bust

350 Bedford AveBeen a little while, parents and sister have been visiting for the week so been trying to do New York in 7 days. It is a challenge I implore you to think carefully about before necessarily trying to repeat yourself. Regardless, picking up from the last post where I had just jumped on the plane to New York this post will divulge some of the details from my first month in the City That Never Sleeps.

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